Thank You For Contacting Us!


Salty and I appreciate you reaching out to us and apologize for the auto response! We get many messages each day and hope to respond to you, but please don’t fault us if we don’t.
If you sent a tip/suggestion, I’ll add it to Salty’s virtual tip box as a possible future topic. 
Thank you for understanding and much love to you all!
I see other YouTube channels with your content. Is that you? 
We only have our two channels: Salty’s main channel and the Mrs. Salty channel. The other channels are not us. 
What is going on with YouTube? 
We are going to slowly start our transition off of YouTube. Our goal is to livestream on YT while simulcasting to our website, Odysee, Rumble, Dlive, and for the first part of the stream and then turn off YT and stay on the other streaming platforms for the remainder of the stream. For videos, we will continue to post on YouTube, but the majority of our content will be on our website, OdyseeBitchute, and Rumble. Our livestreams are on Sun, Wed, and Fri at 4:30pm Pacific time.
How can I be kept up-to-date on what is going on with Salty? 
Scroll down to the bottom of this page to subscribe to email updates!
Where else can I find Salty? 
We are on various social media platforms. 
How can I submit memes? 
We are on Twitter, so you can tweet them at us.
What type of camera, microphone, and editing software does Salty use? 
Salty uses a Logitech camera, a CAD microphone, Kdenlive video editor, GIMP, and Audacity.
Do you know that YouTube is messing with you? 
Thanks for the heads up! This has been going on with YouTube for a while now. Not only have they demonetized us, they unsubscribe people without their knowledge, don’t send out regular notifications, and are shadowbanning us as well as people in the comment section. Hence, our other social media platforms!
Where did you get those prints that you have displayed in the background? 
The artist is Jason Heuser, and he has an Etsy store. Salty had his custom made though.
What is the name of the song that is playing during Salty’s videos?
They are called “Crinoline Dreams” and “In Your Arms” and can be found at

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