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Spice up your outfit by adding an eye-catching embroidered patch. Thanks to its durable twill fabric, the patch is resilient to heat. Order it today and get ready to start embellishing!

• 26% cotton, 74% polyester
• 3″ (7.6 cm) in diameter
• Attachment options: iron-on, sew-on, or safety pin

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Weight 0.01 lbs

6 reviews for SALTY ARMY PATCH

  1. PrettyInInk (verified owner)

    Love the Salty Army patch! Sewing it onto my Laptop backpack for ultimate REEEEeeee inducing exposure.

  2. Heather (verified owner)

    Loving the patch and sporting it in my vehicle on the visor…lots of people see it so…keeping it legion.

  3. Sarah (verified owner)

    Got it for my dad for father’s day- we love listening to Salty Cracker! He loved it and laughed out loud when he saw it

  4. Abe

    You need to put these with Velcro on the back. How am I supposed to wear this casually on my rig 😉 Love what you do, and I look forward to your live shows weekly.

  5. Jason

    I want this as a Morale patch for my Chest Rig, so I’m gonna add some velcro to the backside. Gonna display it with PRIDE!!!

  6. Edward Reilly (verified owner)

    Quality and Plate carrier approved.

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